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They say: "You are what you eat!" So we learned to eat healthy! In addition to teamwork, we also had an honorable culinary presentation.

Each class prepared a tasting stand, meticulously arranged and inviting. The little chefs cooked: vegetable salad, eggplant salad, fruit salad, potato salad and stuffed mushrooms, sandwiches, all a real work of art! The children were extremely dedicated, they tasted each other's dishes.... And, guess what, they liked to eat healthy! Our advice for you is to enjoy your food, eating healthy!

Thank you #BancaPentruAlimente for the products received.



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Because we love autumn and we also want to be fruitful, we decided to celebrate it together with the whole school!

Each class made a decoration that captured both elements of Roma culture and the charm of autumn with its fruits and colors! We were extremely pleased with the end result of this project! And to take our word for it, we leave you some pictures below.



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Today the students and preschoolers of ProRoma School were visited by Danny Bain, a musician, composer and storyteller from America. The show, presented by him, was based on a story accompanied by the balafon, a xylophone specific to West Africa. The hall resounded with African songs and rhythms and was much loved and appreciated by the children.

The action was possible thanks to the beautiful collaboration with the Cătunul Verde Association, which facilitated the presence of the artist in the Tinca school during the International Storytelling Festival.



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The 2022 theme for the International Day of Peace is “Stop Racism. Let's consolidate peace".

On this day, the United Nations urges people to help create a world without racism, where everyone shows empathy and compassion.

The International Day of Peace was established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1981. 20 years later, in 2001, the General Assembly voted unanimously that on September 21, there should be no manifestations of violence.

In addition to the artistic works made by the children, the songs learned, stories and anecdotes read, we learned about the dove - the symbol of peace. And, during today's day, we invited one of the most famous pigeon fanciers in the area, who told the children about pigeons, how they are raised, how they are cared for, competitions they participate in, what they feed on, how they are prepared and trained for competitions, how they are motivated to return home, how they are treated and cared for after competitions.... extremely new and interesting things for both the children and the school team, after which the most beautiful moment of the day followed – the release of the pigeons.



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The first day of school - we listened to the children's voices so that we could teach them better, love them and inspire them more. 

Together, students and teachers, we made a new commitment for this new school year. 



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We are preparing for the new school year! How? We are learning to be better professionals, learning to communicate effectively.

We invest in ourselves, so we can invest in children.

The school team participated in the course "Discipline through relationship" held by the psychologist Natalia Iosif.

Thank you for the space provided!




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The summer holidays have passed and we are grateful for all the people who gave their time, energy, enthusiasm, knowledge to make the holidays more pleasant, more interesting, more useful for children.

Today we really appreciate Adelina, who was in Tinca for 2 days a week.

Thank you Adelina.




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These recreational activities took place within the project "Community educational support for children with parents gone abroad" - project co-financed from the European Social Fund through the Human Capital Operational Program 2014 - 2020. POCU/784/6/24/139127. (CREFOP Oradea)



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Summer activities are another way to educate/learn. It is important that students are able to develop new skills and abilities in new contexts with new people.

On field trips, children develop their observational skills. They learn to look at the subject and notice the characteristic features. This provokes profound feelings in the students and indelible impressions.

And so, we want to create new and positive experiences in the relationship with the school. Maybe that way they will be more willing to appreciate school more and to stay in school for a long time from now on.



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The activities in Tinca don't stop even during the summer holidays. At least 2 days a week we have leisure activities with children, we also have learning activities, excursions, visits to various tourist attractions.

Today's pictures reflect last week's activities. The goal is to maintain contact with the community, to be there for them. We are a community school and we want to grow in this - we learn together.

We love to learn, we learn to love.

We thank the ProRoma School team, friends, volunteers and partners. (CREFOP Oradea)




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