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Children at the Private Christian School in the Tinca Roma neighbourhood, had an activity where they learnt about the importance of fruit for health. In the activity they associated the pictures of fruit with the fruit in the basket. They touched them, discussed each one (form, colour), prepared together a fruit salad and then shared happily with their older colleagues.

This activity is one of the actions initiated by our school within the project "Healthy Food and Physical Activity in Kindergartens and Schools" in partnership with the Bihor Public Health Department.

The development of life, social and emotional skills is a priority in the afterschool programs held at the Private School in Tinca with financial funding granted by the Princess Margarita of Romania Foundation. With their support, around 100 children daily receive help in doing their homework as well as learning other skills. The nutrition program is extremely important and vital for children from the Roma community. A balanced, appropriate and diversified diet helps children focus more in lessons and makes them healthier, happier, and more confident.


Our colleague Simona Tarau is working closely with parents in order to involve them in the educational process of their children. Parents come to organized groups once a week to discover that even though they haven't been to school themselves they can still support their children in doing so. 

Children love it! Parents understand what is happening in school and that there are things they can do to help. Guess what? Children can't wait to teach their parents - shapes, colors, letters, numbers, etc...Some parents became more interested in schooling and want to learn more! There is so much joy and love!


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Kids from ProRoma School in Tinca competing in sports with other school kids in Oradea.

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Many thanks to Vasile Sorin Cristina Marinescu for the vital financial support towards the feeding programme of our Summer After School Club through "Fondul Special Pentru Copii" of Fundatia Principesa Margareta a Romaniei. Honoured and privileged to partner with you on this program! Special greetings from the 200 children at ProRoma Private School in Tinca, Romania!

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And yet, another week filled with laughter, joy and lots of fun activities @ ProRoma School in Tinca! 

Summer Club 2017 be continued!

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Activities from Kids Summer Club @ ProRoma School in Tinca. Thanks to our interns from Newcastle University UK : Lucy NaylorNatalie Kidd and Jess Corner as well as to Bobi Balla from Oulu University in Finland and all our local teachers!

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kids learningThe school is accredited by the State and runs the National curriculum. The main aim is for the children to graduate the Primary School at the age of 11-12 feeling confident and comfortable enough to progress to the local Secondary School in the village. The first generation of children have actually just moved on from our school and 18 out of the 22 are regularly attending Secondary School, that in itself is a measure of achievement of the project.

Photos speak for themselves - happy children who love being at school.

The school is now operating so successfully that from September 2015 the capacity is being raised to 200 when new classrooms were opened. In addition, a new project called Second-Chance has started for older children who missed out earlier. 

As the 'Dream' continues, we pray you will continue to be a part of this 'Miracle in Progress' - Please, help today with a donation towards operating costs or sponsoring a child to attend school.


School in Tinca Children from a community with no running water or sanitation in their homes and with parents largely unable to work, means the poverty levels are horrific. ProRroma School offers more than a basic education. Each child has shower facilities at school, breakfast and lunch is provided each day and classes provide a well-balanced education in both Cultural and Modern subjects. The 7 teachers and some additional staff provide a great team to meet the needs of our 200 children through these important years of life.

The school built and operated with a Christian ethos, will also provide a basic level of ministry for sharing the Gospel message of a loving Saviour and counselling for the many needs within this community.


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