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different unique equal"This day should remind us to be vigilant in the face of hatre, discrimination and dehumanization." (European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker)

The ProRoma School, People to People Foundation in partnership with 7 other schools in the area of ​​Tinca commemorated the Holocaust Day in Romania carrying out various activities.

The slogan of the event was "Different, Unique, Equal", the logo being created by #TeodoraTutos.

The children had craft workshops in which they drew their faces as they are seen, cut out gloves together. Their work was then shown on the school's exhibition panel.

Parents participated in an event that discussed the historical event, watched a documentary film about the Holocaust of the Roma and debated about the event. The main message addressed to parents was "the importance of education" and its importance against mass manipulation.

The teachers participated in a debate on the given topic. The subject was approached historically, psychologically, literaryly and ethnically. We thank all the teachers for participating, especially those who contributed to the initiation of the debates.


Kindergarten activities at the ProRoma school in Tinca. Good fun all around!




awards proroma school daniela turtosCongratulations to the team from the ProRoma school in Tinca. They won 2 awards at the Youth from Rural Areas Gala.

"We are pleased and honoured that our projects were appreciated and awarded at a national youth gala. We are a team that wants to make a change in the rural community of Tinca, that wants to have an impact. In this sense, we work with determination , devotion, passion and responsibility. These awards represent a form of appreciation of the involvement of my colleagues. Therefore, I am glad and honoured to receive these awards and to share them with colleagues. Thank you to those who voted for these projects, to those who have seen their beauty and value. I am also grateful to those who initiated this gala, in which the initiatives from the rural area are valued. We are waiting for you in the Tinca community, to share ideas, to learn from each other to then change together , the image of rural communities." said Daniela Tütös, the director of the ProRoma school In Tinca and the coordinator of the project "Learn to see the world through the eyes of a photographer".



We've started a new school year at the ProRoma school in Tinca.

We thank the Mayor, Teodor Coste, for his support and encouragments. 

Good luck everyone!



Kids. Fun. Activities. - With many thanks to our donors who made it possible!


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After the work done the entire school year, the fair opened where children could buy places on a summer camp, bicycles, rollerskates, skateboards, games, toys, sweets, clothes ...... things donated with love by our school friends. And so, the children enjoyed the rewards received according to the effort made by each of them.



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Bravo Daniel!

Children like him daily inspire us to find new and diverse opportunities to change their future for the better.

We thank the Oradea Community Foundation for their trust.

We thank the volunteers for sharing your passion with us.

Another successful school year has benn completed at ProRoma Kindergarten & Primary School, Tinca. Special thanks to our school staff and to all our generous supporters! 

Change is the end result of all true learning!


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give to rewardThe students of ProRoma Tinca School are included in a positive motivation program where the child is rewarded for attending school, punctuality, outstanding learning outcomes, appropriate behaviour, initiative and results in out-of-school and extracurricular programs.


Throughout the school year, we awarded points to the children while together, explaining why they were receiving the points without comparing them to other children

With the accumulated points, children can now ‘buy’ places in the summer camps that we organize in Vadu Crişului and Căsoaia, bicycles, rollerskates, skateboards, games, toys, sweets, hygiene products, books, colouring books, pencils, crayons, colouring pencils ...... many surprises.

To contribute to their joy, we invite you to give bicycles, rollerskates, skateboards, board games, balls, hula hoops, games, children's books..... anything that could bring joy to the children.

For details please contact our colleague Daniela Tütös, tel. 0742127636 or contact us on facebook.

Thank you.

A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning.

Loving to Learn and Learning to Love @ ProRoma Private Kindergarten & Primary School, Tinca!


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children in playground

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