Many thanks to Vasile Sorin Cristina Marinescu for the vital financial support towards the feeding programme of our Summer After School Club through "Fondul Special Pentru Copii" of Fundatia Principesa Margareta a Romaniei. Honoured and privileged to partner with you on this program! Special greetings from the 200 children at ProRoma Private School in Tinca, Romania!

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And yet, another week filled with laughter, joy and lots of fun activities @ ProRoma School in Tinca! 

Summer Club 2017 be continued!

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Another busy weekend at the border. Aya and Nazir we met these last days. They are a refugee family from Siria that left the country last year and ended up in Romania recently. While staying at home was too dangerous, the decision to leave was difficult also considering they have 5 children - aged between 2 and 13. The difficulty was even greater since the eldest is mentally challenged while the youngest is paralyzed from hypoxia at birth. For now we only support them with their very basic needs - food, water, etc. The integration process is just at the beginning though. The children are tired but smiling, the parents are exhausted but hopeful... It was an inspirational story of courage, hope & unity within family! 

We will be launching a CALL for ACTION soon! Please follow!

#supportthecausenotthestory #basicneeds #stoptrafficking

*Name of the people were changed for confidentiality and safety reasons.

Activities from Kids Summer Club @ ProRoma School in Tinca. Thanks to our interns from Newcastle University UK : Lucy NaylorNatalie Kidd and Jess Corner as well as to Bobi Balla from Oulu University in Finland and all our local teachers!

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UPDATES! Recently was World Refugee Day! We, at People to People Foundation have "celebrated" it, in an unusual way - We met with 54 refugees/migrants found in the Romanian border, and offered them help by providing for their very basic needs - WATER and FOOD. Families, mothers, mothers to be, fathers, children- as young as 4, that fled their country because of war, violence & abuse... "We haven't eaten in 5 days, all we had was for the children...and even so, they went 2 days without food at all". 

It's not for us to is for us to support! 

As this can't be done without help, if you would like to support the cause - please e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or PM us to give you our contact information.


What have we done lately at Peopleto People? Look at this photos to find out more! with Abolishion RO

We attended the NGO fair to attract volunteers in the fight against trafficking in human beings! This was also an awareness campaing about what human trafficking means - specialy on social media!

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kids learningThe school is accredited by the State and runs the National curriculum. The main aim is for the children to graduate the Primary School at the age of 11-12 feeling confident and comfortable enough to progress to the local Secondary School in the village. The first generation of children have actually just moved on from our school and 18 out of the 22 are regularly attending Secondary School, that in itself is a measure of achievement of the project.

Photos speak for themselves - happy children who love being at school.

The school is now operating so successfully that from September 2015 the capacity is being raised to 200 when new classrooms were opened. In addition, a new project called Second-Chance has started for older children who missed out earlier. 

As the 'Dream' continues, we pray you will continue to be a part of this 'Miracle in Progress' - Please, help today with a donation towards operating costs or sponsoring a child to attend school.


School in Tinca Children from a community with no running water or sanitation in their homes and with parents largely unable to work, means the poverty levels are horrific. ProRroma School offers more than a basic education. Each child has shower facilities at school, breakfast and lunch is provided each day and classes provide a well-balanced education in both Cultural and Modern subjects. The 7 teachers and some additional staff provide a great team to meet the needs of our 200 children through these important years of life.

The school built and operated with a Christian ethos, will also provide a basic level of ministry for sharing the Gospel message of a loving Saviour and counselling for the many needs within this community.


roma kidsThe Gypsy community is one of Tinca's oldest and largest ethnic minorities. They have lived in the country for hundreds of years, but are not integrated also because of widespread discrimination and stigma. The primary cause would be the lack of access to pre-school education and failure to keep up in primary school with the children of their age.

Romanian educational system deals with (or fails to deal with) the integration of Roma children in public education. People-to-People Foundation set about changing their options in Tinca

We know that better levels of education could offer poor children a future full of hope and that education is a key factor in breaking the circle of deprivation that many of these poor children and their families face.

People to People started to assist the Roma in facing the challenges of our century by providing teaching methods and a curriculum in such a way that school becomes interesting for Roma children and also that majority other pupils and teachers in school become more familiar with Roma culture and history.


school tincaOur focus as ‘People-to-People’ Oradea is on practical projects, addressing poverty and its consequences. We work at the heart of communities to develop projects that enable long-term change for children and their families. Real change needs an investment in the infrastructure, both physical and social, to help give children the opportunity to achieve their full potential - so that families and communities can cope with the pressure of their daily lives - and live free from the consequences of poverty.

From small beginnings, with only a small class of 25 gypsy children, our ProRroma Kindergarten & Primary School has developed to reach out to nearly 200 children within the community.

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