Raul was a student of ProRoma Tinca School in primary school. During the time he was in our school, as we are attentive to each child, we were attentive to him and to the talents he has. It was impossible not to notice his passion for sports in general and for football in particular. We looked locally and in the area, to see what opportunities could be available for him to la football other than with just the boys from Tinca, playing anywhere, with any kind of ball, on any kind of field and without specialized guidance. Unfortunately, we didn't find anything. However, at the Sports High School in Oradea we found the best coach for Raul, in Ciprian Dianu, who with a lot of patience and support started to train him with other boys of Raul's age. Today, Raul is legitimized at LPS, participates in trainings and football tournaments and the first results have started to appear: medals, diplomas, goals, valuable friends, trips in the country and abroad and the beautiful part is that, everything is just beginning . Raul has our full support.

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The crisis in Afghanistan threatens the safety and even the lives of Afghan girls and women - freedom of movement and participation in socio-professional life completely restricted, marriages imposed from an early age (precisely to attract even more soldiers in the Taliban army), ban on studying, working, etc. These are just a few examples. Many of the ones that will follow fall into the category of modern slavery - human trafficking, exploitation.

We cannot close our eyes, we cannot be indifferent. We also signed the open letter addressed to the Romanian state to get involved. The hard work begins now - again. Hopefully, at least a few will find support for a safe life.

#stopexploitation #stophumantrafficking #safezone


Children's games are very difficult. Children are never more serious than when they play. (Michel de Montaigne)

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How can you spend a warm summer day in a pleasant and useful way?

In the heart of the forest, with two valuable artists ....... painting.

This is how 17 children of the Roma Tinca community spent their day in Orizont Camp at Dumbrăvița de Codru. They learned new painting techniques, enjoyed coloring, peacefulness, nature, good will and ..... very good food cooked by our colleagues.

We thank Evelina Noane and Horea T. Salagean, two great artists who do not hesitate to inspire children with their talent.

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Another 10 children of the ProRoma Tinca school had the opportunity to spend a beautiful day at the swimming pools on the slides.

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The potter's wheel, Maria Poli, started spinning in the ProRoma Tinca school in the morning. The children embraced the clay, which came to life under the guidance of their hands. The kneaded clay ball was taking shape. Pots, plates, animals, baskets and other miracles came out of their hands.

And the older ones tried spinning on the potter's wheel. However, the children proved to be more skilled in the art of painting the pottery. 

That's how another day of vacation passed.

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It is good when you have reliable partners with whom, together, we can bring more joy to children. Thank you to our partners 'Cătunul verde'


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The holidays are waiting for us !!!  Congratulations to the children!

Congratulations to all those who have got stuck in to make the school year a memorable one for the children! 

Goodbye 4th grade. Make a good name for the school wherever you go. We are proud of you and we have full confidence that you will succeed. And when it will not be easy, we will still be here for you.

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The most diligent 44 students from ProRoma Tinca School spent today in the most pleasant way possible!

Thanks to our partners and volunteers

Oradea Community FoundationCătunul verde

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Today is the National Day of the Romani language.

ProRoma Tinca School celebrates it together with all our friends. Happy birthday to all those who love the Romani Language!


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